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Kiwi Fruit Supplements – Issues & Facts to Know

Kiwi fruit supplements were a natural progression in the multi-billion dollar supplements industry. After serious research emerged about the nutritional power of kiwi, it was only a matter of time. We’ve all become a bit spoiled with technology because it allows us to do more, and faster. There are trade-offs even with eating the natural fruit versus taking a pill or liquids. If you prefer getting fast nutrition, then at least know how to choose the best kiwi supplement.

You’ll find similar concerns when selecting a kiwifruit supplement that you would with other products. Not all nutritional capsules and drinks are made with quality in mind. In the US, regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) partially contribute to the overall problem.

The Supplement Manufacturing Story

The FDA takes a more hands-off approach with the supplement industry than they do with prescription drug oversight. This stems in part because herbal and other natural nutrient supplements are not considered drugs. There are practical matters to think about because it’s hard enough for the FDA to completely oversee drug manufacturers.

The end-result is natural supplement manufacturers are on what can be described as an honor system. And the FDA only gets involved when there are high profile issues. You can see a good example of this when several people died from taking ephedra based supplements, for losing weight, a few years ago in the US.

If all is relatively quiet with a particular supplement, and there are no consumer complaints, then it’s business as usual.

It’s important to understand this overall situation because it explains why there can be major differences with quality in natural or non-drug supplements. Never assume any particular natural or herbal supplement is made with quality ingredients in a quality environment. You can perform research about any manufacturer, but there are no guarantees you’ll find all the information you need.

That is the back story with choosing a good and high quality kiwifruit supplement.

You may want to go with a kiwi supplement because by and large they contain the real fruit. If you’re really pressed for time, then you may want to conserve it by taking the capsule. You can also find kiwifruit derived supplement drinks as well. Either of the two is quicker than sitting down and eating the real fruit.

Two Manufacturing Methods and Why You Need to Know

There are several different methods for manufacturing nutritional supplements. Each one comes with its own benefits. Ultimately, the manufacturer has to decide which method to use. As in all businesses, it’s a cost-benefit based decision and what’s best for you is not always part of the equation.

One of the most common manufacturing methods is generally called the water based method. The industry term for this is the wet granulating method and it has benefits and disadvantages. The primary drawback may be the time and cost involved with preparing the granules. There are also challenges with granule drying so the results are consistent.

Of course those are just a few reasons why a manufacturer may choose another method. An alternative method involves the use of heat but this has disadvantages, as well.

With kiwifruit, about 50% of the soluble protein consists of a protease enzyme. And all enzymes and protein based compounds are sensitive to heat. The effect of heat is to cause the chemical bonds to break, thus changing the entire structure. Once this occurs, then the enzyme or protein is ruined, and you won’t get the benefits you would expect.

If possible, try to find out how the kiwi supplement is manufactured. Obviously, you want to only take those made by the wet granulated process. By doing so, you can rest assured the important protein-based ingredients will be intact and effective.

You may have some difficulty determining if the kiwifruit peel or skin was included in the preparation. You will gain more nutritional benefits if the skin was used and is part of the capsule contents. If you’re concerned about ingesting pesticides, then you may not want kiwi supplements containing the kiwi skin. The reason is pesticides can remain on the skin, and with green kiwifruit, the kind that have fuzz on them, there are higher amounts of residual pesticides on the fuzz.

Why a Kiwifruit Supplement May Be the Ideal Choice

If you are sensitive to chemicals and allergens, the kiwifruit supplement may be the best choice. You could have a reaction to the one major allergen in kiwi which is the protein actinidin. This is a protease (dissolving) enzyme identified as causing a variety of allergic reactions some of which are serious.

One of the most common allergic reactions is generally referred to as the oral allergy syndrome. You’ll know it very quickly after eating the raw kiwifruit because the effect is nearly immediate. The reaction occurs once the kiwi enzyme comes in contact with mucus membranes or mucus.

That means once you start eating the fruit and it mixes with the saliva in your mouth. The range of symptoms includes itching and even minor swelling. It’s discomforting and you know it’s not a normal experience with eating a delicious fruit.

Another form of allergic reaction is called contact dermatitis and this occurs with touching the fruit without eating it. There have been various rare and more serious allergic reactions with kiwifruit. For example, one case reported by medical doctors involved symptoms of acute pancreatitis. Other allergen complications reported in literature involved cross-reactivity between kiwi fruit and other allergens, or sources.

There may be different reasons why you want to take a kiwifruit supplement. Whether in the form of capsules or liquids, you can have almost all the benefits of eating the raw fruit. I say almost all because you’ll derive the benefits of the fiber existing in the fruit if you eat the real fruit.

More than anything – make sure you’re not allergic to kiwi, and make the effort to learn how a supplement was made. That way you know what’s supposed to be in the supplement is really in there.

Our Recommended Source of Kiwi Fruit Supplements

A company that meets all the above requirements that I also personally use is MaxaLife. The kiwi fruit supplement that this company produces is made from 2 whole kiwi fruits and is processed using a water based method.

Not only that, but this company follows a GMP standards. Good Manufacturing Practices is an international standard that is recognized all over the world for companies that want to ensure the quality of their products.

MaxaLife also has been in the supplement business for more than 10 years and have researched and developed many supplements that have improved people’s lives. Also, they have a 6 month guarantee on all their products, not just kiwi fruit supplements.

Be sure to learn more about their supplements here. 


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