Kiwi Fruit Skin

Eating Kiwi Fruit Skin – Is it OK ?

Many people ask us this question all the time.  Many people enjoy the inside of the kiwi fruit, but what about the outside?

If you do not already know, the outside portion of the kiwi fruit is fuzzy and brown, but it is a thin outer layer.  Many people ask if it is OK to eat this outer layer.

The answer is yes, the outer fuzzy layer is definitely edible.

Does it have any nutrition for you? 

The skin has been known for a long time as something people do not normally eat, but some places have theories that it does have benefits.

Those who live in New Zealand commonly eat kiwi fruit raw.  Think of taking a bite into an apple with the skin on it.  This is how people in New Zealand eat their kiwi fruit.

This means that they are taking in the kiwi skin.  It is edible, but we are not sure if it has nutritional value of any type.  Theories suggest that the flavonoids and fiber found in the inside of the kiwi fruit are also found on the outside of the kiwi fruit in the skin.

Unfortunately the outside of the kiwi fruit is contaminated with pesticides most of the time, which does not always make it beneficial.  If you are eating organic kiwi fruit then that is a different story though.

Kiwi Fruit has very low calories, but very high amounts of nutrients.

Some people do not like how the outside of the kiwi fruit tastes.  It is fuzzy, and many people do not like this texture in their mouth and can find it somewhat annoying.  Most people take off the skin of the kiwi fruit completely so they do not have that taste in their mouth.

Taking off the skin also removes any dirt and debris that the fruit can be contaminated with.

Again, if your kiwi fruit is organic then you do not have to worry about this.

Many people who enjoy the outer layer but do not want to contaminate themselves with pesticides tend to grow their own kiwi fruit in their yard.  You can purchase the seeds for this fruit and grow it yourself so you can be sure you are not getting any pesticides on the fruit at all.  This is also usually much cheaper as well.

Many people do enjoy the skin of the kiwi fruit but they do not want to deal with the contamination of the skin.  Even if you wash the skin and fuzzy layer, you are still getting some of the pesticides in your body.

Eating healthy is important and if you are going to consume the outer layer then you should definitely buy organic or grow the fruit yourself in your home.  It is an easy way to have fresh produce and it is cheaper as we stated before.

So by all means eat the skin of the kiwi fruit.

If you’re not a fan of eating 2 whole kiwi fruits each day, then a kiwi fruit supplement maybe for you. Check out this comprehensive guide about this here. 

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