Advantages of Eating Kiwi Fruit

Advantages of Eating Kiwi Fruit

As a formerly overweight person, I know what it takes to lose weight. In the beginning, I was very reluctant, and almost afraid of eating fruits.

I remember when I tried eating watermelon, and because I didn’t eat any fruit for years, my stomach couldn’t handle the healthy fresh food, and I vomited.

Yes, pretty gross, but it goes to show that your body is an amazing machine, and will adapt to the food you give it. In my case, I was giving it lots of crap food, so my stomach was very acidic and use to getting lots of food that was harder to break down (which means more energy used, and thus why I felt tired every time I ate too much).

Kiwi Fruit was once known as Chinese GooseBerries

I heard and read that fruits are high in sugar, while some other sites claimed that sugar content in fruit was not that much.

In the end, I decided that the best way to know for sure is to try it out. It turns out that fruits are not that bad. I slowly added fruits into my diet, I didn’t go full out.

For example, I added one slice of apple, with my meals (yes very small portion, but I added more slices every week and by the end of the month, I was eating one whole apple).

When I discovered kiwi fruit, I was hooked. It just tasted so good, a combination of watermelon with orange (both fruits which I love!). Not only that, but I found out that kiwi fruit has other health benefits.

As you probably know, eating fruit in general is extremely healthy for you.  I love fruit and I recommend different types of fruit to everyone to add to their diet each day.

Fruit is usually low in calorie and low in fat making it a great choice versus other foods out there today.  The western world has developed extremely poor diet skills and I want people to start eating more fruit so they can become healthier.

In this article I will talk about one fruit in particular and how there are many advantages for you if you take in this fruit.  I will explore the kiwi fruit, and I will tell you the advantages of eating fruit can help benefit your body.

Fruits are an important source of natural sugar which is why I love them.  Kiwi fruit is low in sugar so you are getting enough of it but you are not getting too much sugar.

Sugar needs to be checked and if you take in too much sugar you could end up developing obesity and other health problems.  Stick to fruit that are low in sugar so you can get the best benefit.

This leads to our second advantage of fruits, including the kiwi fruit.  Weight loss is a serious problem and many people are trying to lose weight.  They are doing whatever it takes to lose weight and sometimes doing whatever it takes is not smart.  Using fruit to help you lose weight is extremely important.

Why does fruit help us lose weight?

Well most fruits, including the kiwi fruit, are extremely high in fiber.  Fiber helps us to stay full for longer, and it also helps to suppress our appetite due to this.  This is why those who eat more fruit tend to eat less throughout the day.

This is important if you are trying to cut calories and if you are trying to lose weight.  Weight loss can be done through fruits but you need to stay consistent and make sure you are not cheating by eating other junk foods.

Some fruits have the ability to protect your body from harmful diseases such as cancer.  I have found that the kiwi fruit definitely does this which is why I recommend more people eat this small but powerful fruit daily.

Eating fruit to help keep your body safe and protected is important and it is a natural way to help boost the immune system.  Medications are good but not for long term; kiwi fruit you can have over and over without having to worry at all!

As you can see, the advantages of kiwi fruit and other fruits out there are amazing.  I love the kiwi fruit for its specific advantages but overall it is a great fruit that really helps your body in a great way.

You can purchase the best fruits at organic food markets since they are pesticide free and the most natural you will find ever.

One Caveat – Fresh Kiwi Fruit is Not Available All Year Round

Fresh kiwi fruit is hard to find, especially when it’s not in season. In times like these, I usually just replace them with high quality kiwi fruit supplements. The only kiwi fruit supplement I recommend is from MaxaLife.

In fact, I only recommend MaxaLife supplements for health, because of the companies long ten year history to using only the best ingredients and controlling all of their manufacturing processes according to GMP standards.

Most other supplement companies usually outsource their manufacturing and slap their label on it. Not very good for quality control.

Anyways, if you guys want to learn more, be sure to visit their site here.

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